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Hilarious 'America's Got Talent' contestant dances his way to Golden Buzzer

"Work what your mama gave you!"

June 26, 2019

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) -- On Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent, a hilarious dancer “accidentally” hit his own Golden Buzzer in the middle of his performance.

The funny moment occurred when Ben Trigger, a dancer from Brisbane, Australia, started performing a hilarious routine--in which he stripped down, shook his nipple tassels and performed a seductive dance for each of the judges.

The routine came to a culmination when Trigger leaned back across the judges' table and "accidentally" hitting his own Golden Buzzer. "You actually have some serious moves," said Julianne Hough, who was the only judge yet to hit the Golden Buzzer.

"Work what your mama gave you!" While the Golden Buzzer didn't count, Trigger received "Yes" votes across the board. 


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