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A black, transgender, disabled model just landed her first magazine cover

She's serving looks AND representation!

June 25, 2019

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) -- Representation in the modeling industry has always been a struggle for minorities, whether it be race, sexuality, gender, economic status, weight, etc. However, slowly but surely, the industry has become more inclusive and is gradually creating more opportunities for a diverse array of individuals. 

This is especially true for Aaron Philip, a black, transgender, disabled model who just landed her first magazine cover in Paper Magazine

"The fashion industry has only known one type of body, and one type of marketable figure for so long," Philip previously told CNN. "(But) now we're entering this time, and this climate, where all types of bodies want to be pushed forward and celebrated -- not only celebrated but be seen as desirable and marketable."

While the industry has a lot more work to do in terms of inclusivity, individuals like Aaron Philip are paving the way for a more malleable modeling industry.

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