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Celebrities weigh in on the tragic events this past weekend

"Don’t normalize this"

August 5, 2019

(KNOU) - Celebrities from all over are sharing their condolences for those affected by the two horrific shootings that took place this weekend.

 It took just 30 seconds in Ohio and zero bullets in Texas for officers to stop two mass shooters in less than 24 hours this weekend.

In the Texas border city of El Paso, a gunman opened fire Saturday morning in a shopping area packed with thousands of people during the busy back-to-school season. In all, 22 people died, including two who died Monday at hospitals, and more than two dozen others were wounded.

Hours later in Dayton, Ohio, a gunman wearing body armor and carrying extra magazines opened fire in a popular nightlife area, killing nine and injuring more than two dozen people.

The nation is is disbelief of this weekends events, and has left many questioning what steps law officials plan to make to combat this from persisiting in the future.

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