Mom urges use of blue Halloween buckets for kids with autism

They are a signal to others that a child might be nonverbal

October 21, 2019

(KYKY) - With Halloween quickly approaching, many are prepping their homes by stocking up on candy as they wait to hear the traditional spooky phrase, "trick or treat."

However, not all kids are able to communicate the same way, so one mom recently took to Facebook to shine light on how communities can be more accommodating for children with special needs.

She posted a picture of a blue Halloween candy bucket and explained that her son has autism and is nonverbal.

Instead of having to explain the situation to every house this year, they will be using a blue bucket to signify he has autism.

"Please allow him (or anyone with a BLUE BUCKET) to enjoy this day and don't worry I'll still say TRICK OR TREAT for him, ill get my mom candy tax later," she said in her Facebook post.

The post has already generated over 150,000 shares on Facebook. 

The idea to use blue buckets "'is one example of creating an adaptive, enjoyable experience' for a child with autism," Kristyn Roth of the Autism Society of America said in a statement, according to USAToday.

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