Downtown Granite City has a new clown sculpture and it's... creepy

Art or creepy clown? You decide

August 28, 2019

GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KNOU) - A clown face sculpture in Granite City is provoking different reactions from passersby.

Some think the nearly 10-feet tall, styrofoam head is creepy, and others say it’s a reminder of fond circus memories. It's staring out across State Street at customers of the Granite City DMV located at 1810 Edison Ave.

Why do people have such strong and different feelings about clowns? Our partner station, KMOX got the scoop...

One woman who says she just moved to the area recently, hadn't noticed the clown until that moment we asked her about it. She says she doesn't like it because it made her think of the killer clown movie "It," where a demonic clown tries to kill children.

A few other people said they also hadn't noticed it until that day, but one man from the area says "it's part of the artwork that downtown Granite City is doing." 

But then he said, it didn't think it was real art. 

Another woman said the statue doesn't bother her and it reminded her of fond childhood memories of going to the circus. 

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