FOUND: Missing 'homeless millionaire' has been located

November 8, 2019

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. (KNOU) — Gary Schaefer has been found.

KMOX's Kevin Killeen and St. Louis Alderman Joe Vaccaro spent weeks looking for the homeless man. Homeless, despite a bank account of around a million dollars of his family's money. Vaccaro says a few years back he set up a bank account in Schaefer's name "with about a million dollars" of the family's money in it. 

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Vaccaro says only Schaefer's name is on the bank account, and he doesn't know what would happen to the money if Schaefer were dead.

In addition to having a large bank account, Schaefer would also have a St. Louis Fire Department pension, Vaccaro says, from when he worked on the department "driving the chief around.”

Schaefer was located at a local care facility. 

In his interview with Killeen, he discusses what keeps him on the streets despite his wealth, the freedom his lifestyle affords him, and his love life!

Vaccaro previously told KMOX that Schaefer liked to drink a spot of turpentine for health. However, Schaefer denies that.

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