Six Flags will hold its first-ever Autism Awareness Day this weekend

Those on the autism spectrum often have a high level of sensitivity to noise.

August 22, 2019

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EUREKA, Mo. (KNOU) — Parents with autistic children know that sensitivity to sound and even certain smells are something they have to prepare for when going out.

That's one reason Six Flags will hold its first-ever Autism Awareness Day this weekend. 

Six Flags St. Louis has partnered with eSpecial Needs, an adaptive and special needs product company and the organization Autism Speaks St. Louis to create a sensory-friendly environment so those with autism can still enjoy the park. 

Spokesperson Elizabeth Gotway says there will be designated quiet areas and sensory-friendly rooms throughout the park this Saturday. There will also be a map that rates the sensory intensity of roller coaster rides.

Staff members are also being trained in elopement prevention strategies, which are steps that are used even in assisted living facilities to prevent residents from wandering.  

A portion of the $34.99 ticket will be donated to Autism Speaks

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