WATCH: Critically endangered Somali wild ass foal arrives at Saint Louis Zoo

Tobias was born in July and can now be seen hanging out with mom at the Zoo!

August 20, 2019

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) — There's a new member of the Saint Louis Zoo family!

"Tobias" is a male Somali wild ass, born on July 30th. His mother is "Tukia", who arrived at the Zoo from San Diego Zoo's Safari Park in 2005. His father "Hirizi" was born at the Saint Louis Zoo in 2013.

Tobias was 51 pounds at birth and can now be seen every day, weather permitting, with his mother and two adult females in the Red Rocks area of the Zoo.

The Somali wild ass is a critically endangered species that can be found in small numbers in the Horn of Africa (Eretria, Ethiopia, and Somalia). There are currently 68 of these horses in North American zoos, including seven at the Saint Louis Zoo.

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