WATCH: Hilarious Dad creates his own 'Bad Guy' parody, 'Dad Guy'

A 3-minute long Dad joke you can't help but love

August 22, 2019

Getty Images


ST. LOUIS (KNOU)- We all know Billie Eilish's song "Bad Guy" as it has become the new No. 1 Song on the Billboard Hot 100.

Although the song is without a doubt a "bop", the parody music video "Dad Guy" might be even better.

The hilarious parody music video depicts the average day in the life of a dad by using hysterical lyrics such as, "Now I’m that dad type/Sunday mow the yard type/Did you change your oil type?/Entire bag of chips guy/I’m the dad guy."

The true kicker is when he trades out Billie's signature "duh" with a phrase all dads know well: "Dinner's ready."

The video itself is basically a 3-minute long "dad joke" that is sure to leave anyone who watches it cringe laughing.

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