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Now That It's Hot, Do You Have Ice in Your Wine?

Red or White?

June 6, 2019

ST. LOUIS (KNOU)-- Now that it's "cold drink season", it's time for ice in almost anything.  Right? 

A survey in Buzzfeed asked people whether a bunch of drinks are better with or without ice.  Here are the results.

1.  Lemonade... 86% say it's better with ice. 

2.  Soda... 77% like it with ice.

3.  Water... 71%.

4.  Whiskey... 65%.

5.  Coffee... 48%.

6.  White wine... 28%.

7.  Orange juice... 11%.

8.  Red wine... 6%.

9.  Milk... 5%.

10.  Beer... 4%.

I'll definitely go for ice in the first five choices, but beer?  Who are you people?  Wine?  Nope. And it never occurred to me to put ice in OJ.  I may have to try it. 

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