EXCLUSIVE: Even Billie Eilish Admits to Regifting

We’ve all done it, even this history-making artist

December 27, 2019

Billie Eilish has had enough success to give us all personal presents, but way back in the day (the 2000s for Eilish) it wasn’t as easy to give gifts to everyone.

Today’s holiday etiquette question is all about regifting, something we’re not proud of but we’ve all done before. For the “bad guy” singer, it was unfortunately a gift given back to the person that gave it to her in the first place, which is some next level regifting.

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“It was this little girl that I knew, she’s way younger than me, and she gave me some weird dinosaur doll,” recalls Eilish. “It was her birthday and I gave it to her for her birthday,” she laughs

“She was like, ‘I gave you this.’ And I was like, ‘no you didn’t I just bought it for you.’”

The little girl wasn’t please, but Billie wouldn’t mind. “I don’t know. I would think it was funny if somebody regifted me so s***.”

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