Target launches new Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs

Target is hitting the mark on inclusivity!

July 18, 2019

(KNOU) - Many parents of children with special needs are left trying to come up with creative outfits come Halloween time. 

However, Target has now created a more inclusive array of costumes by adding two new outfits that are specially made for kids in wheelchairs.  

The Girls' Princess Halloween Costume transforms a wheelchair into a princess carriage and includes a pink princess dress, tiara, as well as an add-on item.

There's also a costume designed for boys that turns a wheelchair into a pirate ship and includes a black skull flag

According to Target's website, the costumes "easily attach to the wheelchair using hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit, and can easily be cut to fit a variety of wheelchair sizes."

The costumes come in three sizes and sell for $45, and will be available to purchase on August 22nd.

These costumes are just another example of the ways that Target has created more inclusive products for their consumers.

Two years ago they launched their "Design for All: Cat & Jack Adds Select Sensory-Friendly Pieces for Kids". The clothing items included heat-transferred labels in place of tags, flat seams, and one-dimensional graphic tees which were all designed to minimize discomfort for kids with sensory processing sensitivities.

Since then, Target has continued to make huge strides towards creating products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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