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Wisconsin school proposes fining parents of bullies

Is making fun of others really worth it?

June 14, 2019

(KNOU)-- A city in Wisconsin is finally putting its foot down when it comes to bullying and is considering an ordinance that would impose fines on the parents of bullies. 

The superintendent of the Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools, Craig Broeren, said he asked two municipalities to assess the district’s bullying policy last fall, but the review became more urgent in February when a seventh grader received notes telling her to kill herself and it became viral online

"Preventing bullying needs to be a partnership between the schools and parents and the police department," Wisconsin Rapids Police Chief Ermin Blevins told ABC News. "If we don't work together, we won't be able to solve bullying."

It is unclear how such regulations would be made from a financial standpoint as they would be determined based on the behaviors of children, some would argue bullying is intolerable behavior that's worthy of taking action over.

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