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Woman becomes stranded after taking a nap on plane

Catching some zzzz's has never been this scary

June 24, 2019

You take a nap on a flight, it lands, you'd think somebody, a flight attendant at least would wake you up. Unfortunately for Taffani Adams, that was not the case on an Air Canada flight earlier this month.

Tiffani says she dozed off en route from Quebec to Toronto June 9. She rose from slumber inside the parked, dark and freezing cold aircraft, still buckled in her seat. That was about midnight - hours after expected arrival.

To make matters worse, her phone died less than a minute into a call for help. She used a torch that she found inside the cockpit to catch the attention of a luggage cart operator who she said was "in shock," BBC reports.

Air Canada has confirmed her story. It's investigating and has apologized, even offering a limo and hotel room which Adams declined, saying she just wanted to get home. Though, she says she still has nightmares.​