The 10 Best Tweets About Cardi B’s Grammys Pianist

February 11, 2019

A classically-trained pianist by the name of Chloe Flower (real name Chloe Won) stole the show at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, opening Cardi B’s performance of “Money” by epically tickling the ivories while wearing a glamorous black-and-white gown. Here are the 10 best tweets about her appearance:

  1. Can we please talk about the looks Cardi B’s pianist is giving? ICONIC.
  2. @iamcardib pianist stole the whole damm show…. I mean who can play two chords with such passion for that amount of time? The bih is fierce…giving face and all.
  3. Ummm can we just give the pianist during Cardi B’s a standing ovation…hello. 
  4. How the pianist snap harder than Cardi?
  6. Can someone please tell me who Cardi B’s pianist is at the #Grammys? She is rocking the hell out.
  7. I want Cardi B's pianist to smash a grand piano over my head so when I smile, all you can see is a bunch of tattered keys. 
  8. Cardi, get off they necks sis!!!!! Whole performance was life! From the pianist to the set, killed it! 
  9. I would die for the pianist. 
  10. I got really excited Cardi B was a classical pianist for a second.