10 Gifts Millennials Actually Want for Their Birthday

March 4, 2019

Elite Daily has compiled a list of 10 gifts that trendy millennials will actually want to receive for their birthdays. Here they are:


1. A colorful instant camera. It allows the millennial in your life to take pictures during their favorite adventures, and later on, put them in a cute frame. 

2. A game from the ‘90s. Plain and simple, millennials love that they grew up in the '90s.

3. A social media guide. Help them invest in themselves and their artsy side by encouraging them to grow their online presence and community.

4. A cute succulent planter. Most millennials who love plants could use an upgrade in the potting department. 

5. A cookbook for avocados. There are a bunch of millennials spreading a thin layer of avocado on their bread this morning. A cookbook for avocados will help them mix things up. 

6. A juicer and reusable straws. Millennials will be the first to tell you that juicers are the underrated machine that you might not even know about.

7. A travel mug for cold brew. They need their caffeine with them, wherever they go. And that's where this travel mug comes in.

8. A tray for bubble baths. It allows them to soak with their favorite book or a scented candle.

9. A chic throw blanket. Next to bubble baths, facials, and the occasional pedicure, millennials love treating themselves to time in bed.

10. A book on astrology and zodiac signs. It'll show the millennial in your life that you care about their interests and passions. 

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