10 Hilarious Tweets About Jason Momoa's Oscars Scrunchie

February 25, 2019

Getty Images


Jason Momoa showed up to the 2019 Oscars on Sunday night in a Fendi light pink tux that complemented his wife Lisa Bonet’s pink dress. But it was the pink Fendi scrunchie on Momoa's wrist--which he wore in honor of late designer Karl Lagerfeld--that stole the show. Here are some of the best tweets about the accessory: 


  1. Jason Momoa’s scrunchie matches his suit. I repeat, JASON MOMOA’S SCRUNCHIE MATCHES HIS SUIT. If I don’t see pink velvet scrunchies on ASOS soon I’ll throw things.
  2. Jason Momoa has a matching velvet scrunchie??? The wealth!
  3. My body is extremely ready to see Jason Momoa put his hair up in that pink velvet scrunchie, thank u. 
  4. Jason Momoa looks like he works at Glossier. 
  5. *Files petition to give Jason Momoa's pink scrunchie an honorary Oscar*
  6. Jason Momoa’s matching scrunchie is such a mood. 
  7. I would like to talk about the scrunchie on Jason Momoa's wrist and nothing but the scrunchie on Jason Momoa's wrist. 
  8. Dat scrunchie. Mr. Momoa, U rock!
  9. Jason Momoa matching his scrunchie to his suit is all I’ve ever needed in life. 
  10. PSA: Jason Momoa matched his pink suit to Lisa Bonet's dress, and also his pink scrunchie.