10 Wedding Trends That Experts Hate

September 28, 2018
Bride and Groom



If you're planning a wedding, you may want to take a closer look at some of the trends that are fading out. 

According to INSIDER gathered intel from wedding planners and experts across the country and beyond to find out which trends they wouldn't mind seeing disappear forever.

1. Photobooths have worn out their welcome.

"They want to be able to take photos as part of the function rather than just having a designated place. I think [photo booths] are better as part of a mass crowd event."

2. Favors should at least be practical.

Experts recommend giving something that will let your nearest and dearest know that some real thought was put into it and is a reflection of your personality.

3. Over signage is a real thing

The strategically placed staff at the venue can give directions when necessary so you can afford to use the crafty additions sparingly, experts implored.

4. For expert Martha Stewart, long engagements are played out.

"The three-year engagement I think is becoming passé. I personally hate anything longer than six months engagements." Martha told guests at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party, according to Marie Claire. "Once engaged, speed it up."

5. Let the photos tell the real story

Would you rather look back at innocuous candles on a table or great impromptu photos with family and friends? Allow your photographer to capture authentic and memorable moments.

6. Make your wedding your own

"Guests should walk in a wedding and say 'wow this is so x and x.' The personal touches make a much bigger impact than the template trends that everyone is doing at that time."

7. Save the flower crowns for Coachella

"You have to look at the venue and take that into account when you're deciding these things. Flower crowns are a little bit more bohemian and casual so if your wedding is like that then go for it."

8. Dance entrances must die

"Let it go!" Risatti implored. "It was awesome in the beginning, but brides and grooms need to move onto another trend to get their guests attention and let the dance entrances go. You never want to be the couple doing something that was new nine years ago. Be creative and focus on fun at your wedding. You won't be disappointed."

9. Personalized drinks can be overkill.

Although you may be tempted to serve up your favorite drinks with a cute name that has to do with you, experts said that they're not really into the idea anymore.

10. Some themes are way too popular.

"Barnyards. Mason Jars. Boho Chic. Need we say more? A wedding should reflect who the couple are, what they love and what makes them … them."

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