11 Types of New Year's Eve Kisses

December 27, 2018



There's always a lot of pressure to have someone to smooch on New Year's Eve. And Elite Daily has identified 11 and broken down what they mean. Here they are:


  1. The first kiss you’ve waited two dates for. Anticipation means you've established understanding on other levels, meaning this could turn into a relationship that lasts throughout the year--and maybe even beyond.
  2. The peck on the cheek. You're firmly in the friend zone--sorry about that.
  3. The kiss with a random guy in the bar. In a rom-com, such a peck could lead to a fairytale ending. In real life, it could go either way. Just be sure to get his number, and see where things go from there.
  4. The French kiss that leads to sex. Hot and steamy wins the NYE race, for sure, but whether this rendezvous leads to something lasting isn't as clear. See whether the physical chemistry translates to something deeper by going on a few dates.
  5. The forced kiss that’s overly aggressive. Danger! That's a red flag that perhaps he's not going to respect your boundaries. End things before they go any further.
  6. The kiss you basically begged him to give you in public. Kissing shouldn't be a chore, and if he's not up for at least pretending to be into you, might be best to start the year with a clean dating slate.
  7. The pity kiss with the friend zone guy. See above--if both of you aren't on the same romantic page, it's best to let things go sooner rather than later.
  8. The short but sweet kiss. Tenderness is the foundation of any good relationship, but a lack of lingering doesn't bode well. Proceed with caution.
  9. The awkward kiss you just can’t get right. Kissing is fundamental where relationships are concerned, so if this first step is difficult to take, you might be better off looking elsewhere for chemistry.
  10. The PDA-perfect kiss captured by your family and friends. It's all systems go for this relationship. Be sure not to let this one get away!
  11. The loving kiss that ends with a genuine smile. The ideal New Year's Eve kiss, a combination of emotion and passion that signals a true love connection. Congrats!