13 Things You Should Never Wear to Work in the Summer

May 29, 2018
Sunglasses in the Office



It's finally time to break out your summer garb.

But ... probably not in the office.

"People may think anything goes in the warmer months, especially if their company is casual or relaxes their summer dress code," Brandi Britton, district president of staffing firm OfficeTeam, told Business Insider. "But it's still important to follow guidelines and dress professionally."

In a survey from OfficeTeam, 80% of managers said clothing choices could affect an employee's chance of getting promoted. The same survey found managers say tank tops, "cold shoulder tops," and shorts are less acceptable now than even five years ago.

Here are 13 things to avoid wearing to the office this summer.

1. Tank tops or halters

2. Bare midriffs

3. Shorts

4. And no cut-offs, ever

5. Anything you bought for the beach or swimming pool

6. Anything strapless

7. Flip flops

8. Socks with sandals

9. Yoga pants

10. Visible underwear

11. Unbuttoned shirts

12. Sunglasses (indoors)

13. Anything sheer

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