14 Suggested Hangover Cures

January 24, 2019



With Super Bowl and Mardi Gras just around the corner, this list could be a huge help to you and your friends! 

Everybody's always looking for the most magical hangover cure, and Esquire's editors just revealed their go-to remedies for a hard night of boozing:

  1. A damp cloth, Motrin and a joint
  2. Pickle juice straight from the jar
  3. An everything bagel with everything on it
  4. Going on a run
  5. Sunglasses, Advil and a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich
  6. Aleve
  7. Coffee and some nice, dry toast
  8. Breakfast overload
  9. Water, shower, breakfast sandwich, iced coffee, Vitamin C, two Advils, weed
  10. Fatty food and Diet Coke
  11. Turmeric, fennel, ginger, mint, and lemon
  12. Spicy, steamy dumplings
  13. Two Bloody Marys
  14. Two kids

What is your hangover remedy? Let us know in the comments on Facebook! 

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