20 Awful Food Combinations That People Love for Some Strange Reason

November 5, 2018
peanut butter



BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to dish on their weirdest eating habits. Here are 10 of the grossest food combinations that they're into (check out the full list at the link):


"I eat peanut butter and mashed potato sandwiches. I put PB on both pieces of bread and slather piping hot spuds in between. The PB gets all melty and gooey. I crave it constantly, but I only indulge in it about once a month." 

"French toast and melted cheddar cheese (sharp is best) with salsa on top." 

"I like to drink milk with pizza rolls and boneless spare ribs. They're the only two foods I MUST drink milk with." 

"I put yellow mustard along with the butter and syrup on my pancakes. My grandmother and I both do this." 

"I love mac 'n' cheese mixed with applesauce." 

"I put frozen green beans or corn in my PB&J sandwiches. I started as a kid and 24 years later, I somehow never stopped." 

"Rice and bananas are one of my favorite combinations." 

"Sweet bologna with peanut butter spread on it and rolled up. IT'S SO GOOD! Literally my favorite snack." 

"My co-worker scrapes the yolk out of hard-boiled eggs and fills it with peanut butter." 

"I dip PB&J sandwiches in chicken noodle soup. I thought it was like grilled cheese and tomato soup. I didn't know it was weird until I got to college, but it's my go-to meal when I'm sick." 

What's a weird food combo that you're super into?

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