The 30 Worst Things the "Friends" Characters Did to Each Other

November 13, 2018
Jenifer Aniston

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The theme song may have said "I'll be there for you," but sometimes the people on "Friends" could be downright JERKS to each other.

Don't believe me?  Buzzfeed put together a list of the 30 Worst Things the "Friends" Characters Did to Each Other.  And it turns out Ross is really kind of a tool.  He takes up a lot of real estate on this list.

Here's the Top 10 . . .

1.  Ross going from person to person trying to keep Rachel from finding out he cheated on her.

2.  Ross cheating while he and Rachel were "on a break," then hiding the other woman in his apartment when they got back together

3.  When Ross yelled at Rachel for not getting ready fast enough.

4.  When Ross made a list . . . with Joey and Chandler's help . . . of the pros and cons of dating Rachel vs. Julie.

5.  When Rachel invited herself to be Monica's roommate after not seeing her for years.

6 & 7.  When everyone forced Monica to make special Thanksgiving dishes for them, and everything burned in the oven because they got locked out of the apartment . . . and then when they continued to complain because, quote, "We all had better plans, this was nobody's first choice."

8.  When Monica and Chandler kept Joey from telling everyone they were a couple for so long that he had to start pretending he was a pervert.

9.  When Ross refused to tell Rachel he didn't get their drunken Las Vegas marriage annulled.

10.  When Ross didn't trust Rachel to be alone with her male co-worker.

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