4 Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers You Don’t Like

October 23, 2018

Butting heads with a co-worker can make even the best job difficult. With that in mind, CNN, has compiled a list of things you can do to make an work rivalry more manageable. Here they are:


Meet on neutral territory. Identify the root of the issue you have with a co-worker and ask him or her out to lunch to discuss how to make the situation better.

Set boundaries. If your dislike stems from micro-management or an overly-talkative colleague, create some space without being offensive.

Find a safe haven. If not getting along with someone is starting to interfere with your productivity, ask to work a different schedule or work remotely.

Remember you don’t have to get along. Finding common ground can make it easier to tolerate. Try to connect with them, either something in your backgrounds, interests or just try to understand them better. 

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