5 Memorial Day Weekend Date Ideas That Cost Under $25

May 24, 2018
Stars and Stripes Couple



It's a three day weekend, schools out, and that warm weather is here! So what big plans do you have in store? 

Elite Daily has compiled this list of date ideas that shouldn’t cost more than $25. Here they are:

Plan an outdoor movie night. If you've got access to a rooftop or backyard, lay out some blankets and pillows, pop some popcorn, and have yourselves an outdoor movie night.

Have a picnic. Bonus points if you have an entirely red, white, and blue picnic feast. 

Go thrift shopping. If you are feeling gutsy, agree to buy ridiculous outfits for one another and sport and wear them at your family's barbecue.

Stalk the parade trail. Check your local paper or town website to find out when and where the Memorial Day parade is taking place.

Head to the lake. You can blare songs from summers past on the drive, sip beers , and splash around in the water! 

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