5 Things to Watch Out for If You're Single & Bad at Texting

November 29, 2018



Dating in the digital age can be tough--especially if you consider yourself to be a bad at texting. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of five things you should be wary of if you start texting a potential romantic interest. Here they are:

1. Texting too much. Show interest, but refrain from texting constantly at all hours of the day. Preserve a little bit of mystery for them to get to know you in person.

2.Oversharing. Leave something for the dates.

Randomly leaving the conversation. There's a respectful way to let them know you can't talk anymore if you were in the midst of a convo. Just tell 'em before completely disappearing for a while.

Not making plans. Close. The. Deal. Schedule the date. 

Being too intimate, too soon. Pro tip: Love takes time and saying “I love you” should be in person.