6 Healthy Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

July 13, 2018



Elite Daily has compiled a list of sixth things you should add to your morning routine if you want to jumpstart your day in a healthy way. Here they are: 

Limit or eliminate your phone use. Scrolling through social media in bed as soon as you wake up will only give you anxiety. 

Get your blood moving with foam rolling. The self-massage technique is a form of "myofascial release," which promotes blood circulation. 

Plan a treat for yourself for later. Make a morning plan to treat yourself later on so that you have all day to look forward to it.

Water a plant. Gardening can act as a gentle reminder to us that we are not the center of the universe. 

Turn your skincare routine into a dance party. Turn on your favorite jam and massage in your moisturizer in tune with the beat. 

Use stickers to keep you mindful. Sticking colored dot stickers in a few different areas of your home; when you notice the dot, stop and take a conscious breath. 

Do you have a morning routine? What are your tips and tricks? 

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