The 6 Phases of Losing Weight As an Adult

September 30, 2018
losing weight



Losing weight as an adult can be a big undertaking, but it’s worth the effort. With that in mind, Post Grad Problems has compiled a list of six stages you’ll go through if you get serious about dropping the pounds. Here they are:


Baby steps. You'll start making small changes to your eating habits. Pro tip: If you’re boozing during the week, you’re not serious about dropping pounds. 

A close friend says something early on. They knew something was up when you went with the Cobb Salad over the chicken fingers with extra ranch.

Feeling good and looking better. The clothes fit better, your energy levels are higher and general mood is better. 

“You look great!” The people in your life are starting to take notice; they're proud of you and praying you don’t put it all back on over the holidays.

The glow-up. You’ve been slowly but surely dropping pounds for the last few months and suddenly, the cute person in line at Starbucks held their gaze a little longer. 

Everyone hates you. Everyone deep down inside knows how to lose weight--and you’re the proof.