7 Cheap Date Ideas That Will Impress Your Crush

June 22, 2018
dinner date



Are you looking for cute date ideas that won’t break the bank? Thankfully, Elite Daily has compiled a list of seven ideas that fit the (frugal) bill. Here they are: 


Picnic in the park. Planning a picnic is a cute way to spice up your typical "dinner and a movie" date. 

Homemade dinner. Making dinner with your date is a great way to be romantic and not break the bank.

Arcade. The sounds of the pinball machines, the angsty music playing in the background...the neon lights!

Fruit-picking. Strawberry or blueberry picking is ideal in the spring and summer. 

Movie night. Compile a list of two or three movies you've both been dying to watch, grab a few bags of popcorn and voila!

Skating. You can use your skills to show off, or you can use your lack of knowledge to get "lessons" from your date. 

Comedy club. The way to a person's heart is through their laughter. 

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