7 Things to Do on Vacation When It Rains

July 31, 2018
raining while traveling



A rainy day can instantly put a damper on your vacation. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of seven things to do on vacation when it rains. Here they are:


Visit a trendy coffee shop for an Insta-worthy treat. Discover a favorite new blend and catch up on some reading or journal writing,

Head to the theater. You might even discover some independent films that you wouldn't find in your hometown. 

Pamper yourself with a wine bath experience. You'll leave your vacation feeling more refreshed than ever.

Check out the food truck scene. Hunt down a truck that serves up the local cuisine. 

Visit a unique museum. Try to get off the beaten path and check out some unusual or quirky museums.

Go shopping. Consider visiting some discount stores, trendy boutiques, vintage shops, or markets that aren't available back home. 

Go to a local concert. Visit a nearby bar, or ask a local about some bands that might be playing.

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