7 Things to Scoop Up During Labor Day Sales and Two Things to Avoid

September 3, 2018



If you're out shopping this weekend! Here's what to buy and what to avoid! 

1. BUY: Apparel

To make room for their fall and winter inventory, companies will often put up huge discounts on summery clothes, back-to-school essentials and anything that's been in stores for two months or longer, Sara says.

2. BUY: Appliances

It's always a good idea to stock up on pricier items during major sale events, so they don't leave as big of a dent in our wallets. Sara notes that Home Depot and Best Buy are particularly excellent places to go for amazing deals on appliances.

3. BUY: Grills

Since stores are saying bye-bye to summer, they need to sell bigger summer items quickly to make room for new products. Grills are the first to go.

4. BUY: Outdoor Furniture

Just like grills, outdoor patio furniture takes up a ton of floor space, so you can find fabulous deals on anything from deck tables and chairs to pool lounges (and then some).

5. BUY: Mattresses

"Many manufacturers mark down older mattress models between May and September to make room for the new ones, which hit stores right around now," Sara adds. So you'll likely see huge sales on mattresses (including deals on Allswell's already discounted mattress).

6. BUY: Travel

Hot Tip: Sara says most airfare sales happen midweek, so don't stop looking Tuesday through Thursday!

7. BUY: Food

Believe it or not, restaurants want to get in on the hype! With all the shopping you're doing, they'll gladly feed you in between stores. Plus, many will offer you deals and freebies.

8. DON'T BUY: Diamond Jewelry

"Due to a large restock in October leading up to the holidays, jewelers are hesitant to give any discounts on their prized possessions with such a low inventory," Sara explains. That means it's worth waiting until later if you're considering popping the question. Or treating yourself, big time.

9. DON'T BUY: Electronics

While the sales may look irresistible, you'll find the best deals on electronics on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, so it's best to wait it out.