8 Things That Happen During Your 1st Thanksgiving Break Back Home

November 12, 2018
Thanksgiving Family



Coming home for Thanksgiving break in college can be an adjustment.

With that on mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of eight things that are sure to happen during your visit. Here they are:

You appreciate the little things about home. You love the smell of your kitchen when your mom is cooking--and being able to shower whenever you want. 

You reunite with your hometown friends. The second you see their faces, you squeal, and then sit with your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and talk for hours.

You request certain home-cooked meals from mom. Your favorite chocolate chip cookies will be cooling on a rack for dessert. 

You get asked a bunch of questions at Thanksgiving dinner. They ask about your classes and what you're majoring in (among other things). 

You run into people from high school, like everywhere. Being in your hometown means that you're bound to run into some familiar faces. 

You start getting ready for the holidays. You spend those last few days before you go back to school building gingerbread houses and putting up decorations. 

You spend time doing things that make you happy. You read a book for pleasure, or take a long bubble bath and soak in the peace and quiet. 

You can’t wait to get back to college. You want to hang with your roommates, and you miss your little freedoms like not having a curfew. 

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