Adele & Jennifer Lawrence Whoop It Up at NYC Gay Bar

March 25, 2019

Getty Images


Adele and BFF Jennifer Lawrence took their star talent to a gay bar in Manhattan this past weekend, whooping it up at Pieces' weekly "Frisky Fridays" drag show.

When the night's host, drag queen Brita Filter, asked Adele what she did for a living, the pop diva replied, "I'm actually at the moment a stay-at home mum." And when Adele later lost a game of Musical Shots (like Musical Chairs, but with shots!), J-Law responded by running up onstage and tackling her bestie--prompting Brita Filter to quip, "Jennifer, you don't need to do that. This isn't the Hunger Games!"

Someone else shared a video of J-Law getting her makeup done backstage by another drag queen, who told her she has "Asian-ish brows," which are "very trendy right now." Adele deadpanned in reply, "That's why she's the face of f**king Dior."

Who else wants to party with these two?! Uh YES PLEASE.