"The Bachelor" Announces Colton Underwood, And Here's Why We're Not Excited

September 4, 2018
Colton Underwood

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The 26-year-old virgin! That's who's just been named the main man for the upcoming 23rd season of The Bachelor.

 "Third time’s the charm, right? That’s what I’m hoping for,” former NFL pro Colton Underwood told Michael Strahan on Tuesday’s Good Morning America broadcast, where he was revealed as the next Bachelor star. Underwood has looked for love on The Bachelor franchise twice before: on The Bachelorette and the current season of Bachelor in Paradise.

“One thing I took pride in on both seasons was being true to who I am, and it took all of that to get to where I’m at now and know who I am as a person and know what I want in a life partner,” Underwood said.

Check out the pic below...he looks like he's ready for marriage in this photo right?!? NO! He looks like he's going to the gym. *eye roll*

Time to find a wife ❤️

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We are not okay with the Colton decision, ABC. Here's why...


Jason Tartick?? Blake Horstmann?? Wills Reid?? Just to name a few. 

If this was a female contestant, would she get a third shot? No, probably not! *Disclaimer: only if she was broken up with on national television...then maybe*

A source told E! News, "Colton was by far the safest pick. He's a virgin and he works in non-profit. He screams wholesome, middle America." 

Good to know ABC wanted to play it safe. But here's a news flash for the studio execs: most of Bachelor Nation a.k.a "middle America" won't be watching. 

Are you liking Colton as the new Bachelor or naw? Let us know in the comments! 

The Bachelor's 23rd season 23 premieres on ABC in January 2019.