Cardinals Player Who Broke Big Mac Land is 'Buying' The Letter 'M'

Shortstop Paul DeJong will make a $22,000 donation to "buy" the sign he broke with a home run in August.

September 17, 2019

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - A member of the St. Louis Cardinals will pay for the damage he did in Busch Stadium last month. Shortstop Paul DeJong will purchase the "M" from Big Mac Land for $22,000 and all of the money is going to charity.

DeJong busted the "M" in Big Mac Land with a home run on August 20 and the letter was taken down, turning the section into "BIG AC" Land. 

The money from DeJong's payment will be a donation split between Ronald McDonald House and Cardinals Care. Ronald McDonald House will be raffling off the rest of the letters in the near future, which you can learn more about at

Next season, section 272 will still be Big Mac Land, but it's getting a facelift for the 2020 season.

DeJong already passed out Big Mac sandwiches in the clubhouse as his penance for and there's even video of the shortstop receiving a fake invoice for knocking out the neon letter. 

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