Celebrate National Pizza Day!

February 8, 2019



Today is National Pizza Day, which, frankly, feels like it's a pretty legitimate reason for celebrating.

If you are looking for a good local deal, Pi Pizza is offering buy one get one for $3.14.

Anyway, in honor of the holiday, here are some new pizza stats for you . . .

1.  98% of Americans like pizza, and 54% of us even say we LOVE IT.                                                                              


2.  Almost one in three people eat it at least once a week.


3.  33 million Americans would pick pizza as their last meal on Earth . . . and 26 million would give up getting-it-on for a year for unlimited pizza.


4.  The most popular toppings are pepperoni . . . sausage . . . mushroom . . . and bacon.  And the least popular are anchovies . . . eggplant . . . pineapple . . . and artichokes.


5.  When it comes to crusts, "regular" is the most popular type . . . thin crust is second . . . and the deep dish is third. 

Also, IHOP is celebrating by selling a pizza-sized pancake, available now! 

Introducing the #Pancizza! It’s the new round in town this #NationalPizzaDay. Learn more about IHOP’s newest circular invention at Pancizza.com. Spoiler alert: it’s a big pancake in a pizza box.

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