Chrissy Teigen, Like All of Twitter, Has Questions About Kimye's Kenny G Stunt

February 15, 2019

Getty Images


By now, you've probably seen the video of Kenny G serenading Kim Kardashian in her living room on Valentine's Day while surrounded by dozens of roses placed in individual vases on the floor. And if you're like everyone else on Twitter, you probably have tons of questions about it. Even Kim's BFF Chrissy Teigen has questions. "Did Kenny have to stand there while the flowers were being set up? How did he get out?" Teigen tweeted Thursday in response to one of Kim's Kenny G videos. "We need more info on Kenny!!!" (For what it's worth, one of Kim's videos shows there was a path for Kenny to walk in and out of the room.) Meanwhile, The Cut has published a long list of things they're asking about this strange arrangement. Here are just a few (check the bottom link for more):

  • How did Kenny G get in there?
  • Assuming Kenny G entered the room before all of the flower vases were placed, how long did he have to stand there?
  • Did Kanye know specifically when Kim would be home?
  • Did Kenny G just stand there the whole time waiting for her?
  • What would have happened if Kim was late? Would Kenny G just have had to stand there? Or would he get a break?
  • Did Kanye decide what songs Kenny G should play, or did he just wing it?
  • Is Kim a big Kenny G fan?
  • How much did it cost Kanye to get Kenny G to perform at their house?
  • What does this mean for Kenny G’s own Valentine’s Day plans?