Chrissy Teigen Plans to Pull a Kate Middleton After Giving Birth

April 26, 2018
Chrissy Teigen

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Pregnant Chrissy Teigen says she plans to follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton by making a glamorous hospital exit after giving birth. “I could do it. I think I could do it,” Teigen told Vanity Fair on Wednesday. “I could come out and smile a little and then I would get in that car and I would just let it all go.”

While Teigen’s husband John Legend joked that they are going “to sneak away from the hospital,” Teigen said she’s up for the challenge. “No, I actually want to try it now,” she added. “I think I could, maybe less than she did!” Teigen is expected to give birth to the couple’s second child, a son, very soon. 

mama and her baby boy

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