Cycle Saloon Coming To Downtown St. Louis!

October 4, 2018



Big news for downtown dwellers and visitors! 

Instead of a bar crawl downtown, you will now be able to take a barcycle through downtown St. Louis! 

According to River Front Times, a new business called Cycle Saloon will be booking "barcycles" in downtown and in Soulard. 

If you are unfamiliar with a "barcycle", it is where you pedal and drink with a large group of friends, family or strangers throughout downtown! 

Owner, Brian Beirne told the RFT,  "a lot of people just see downtown at twenty miles an hour," he says. "When you're drive by in your car, you don't really get a feel for it. It's really beautiful." 

The outcome isn’t what we wanted, but thank you @cardinals for another exciting season. Now it’s time for Bluuuuues hockey. Cruise around on the Cycle Saloon before/after the Blues game. We will pick you up or drop you off at the @enterprise center. #LGB #STL #STLCycleSaloon #stlcardinals #stlblues

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Not only are they looking for fun, unique groups to tote around St. Louis, they're  also hiring! 

Posted on their Facebook page, "we are still hiring 1-2 drivers for the Cycle Saloon. Send us a message if you are interested or SHARE with your friends if you know of anyone."

The Cycle Saloon is a BYOB buisness and to learn more and book your barcyle experience click here.