Dad Places a Dating Ad for His Sons Before a Family Trip.. and It Worked

January 14, 2019
newspaper ad



It's always good when your parents do something MORTIFYING but it somehow works out for you.

A dad named Neil from Oregon was going on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas along with his wife and their three adult sons . . . a 26-year-old named Benjamin, a 28-year-old named Jeremy, and a 31-year-old named Matthew.

Well . . . they're all single.  So as a joke, Neil took out a personal ad in the "New Zealand Herald" before the trip saying he was hoping to introduce his three wonderful, handsome, single sons to some, quote, "nice New Zealand daughters."

He said the ad, quote, "At the very least [will] embarrass our sons" . . . and he gave the dates they'd be in the country and his email address.

And . . . IT WORKED.  All of the guys wound up going on dates while they were in New Zealand, and the oldest one, Matthew, apparently really hit it off and that relationship might go somewhere. 

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