Drunk History Presents Fascinating Moments in Presidential History

February 18, 2019



From Teddy Roosevelt reimagining football to Edith Wilson covertly taking over for her husband to Nixon meeting Elvis, U.S. presidential history is full of strange tales.

In honor of today being Presidents' Day, please enjoy this list of The Top Surprising Facts About U.S. Presidents.

John Adams hated the British BEFORE Coldplay.

They have the power, though none have used it yet, to declare that there's no actual difference between Left Twix and Right Twix.

George Washington actually DID tell a lie once.  It was, "No, Martha, thy ass doth not look fat in those bloomers.

Gerald Ford once considered declaring a national emergency to figure out what that smell is when you cross the border into New Jersey.

Thomas Jefferson's dying regret was that he lost the receipt for the Louisiana Purchase.

The "B" in Rutherford B. Hayes stands for Beyoncé.

One of the biggest expenses during the Clinton administration was carpet shampooing.

George W. Bush almost never figured out ahead of time who did it on "Scooby Doo".

In real life, Abraham Lincoln looked nothing like Daniel Day-Lewis.  He looked more like Lily Tomlin.

President Obama was a good writer.  And a good printer when it came to the "Kick Me" signs he used to discreetly put on Joe Biden's back.

John F. Kennedy was the first president to have a poet at his inauguration, unless you count Millard Fillmore's rap battle.

Chester A. Arthur was known as both a fancy dresser AND, unfortunately, as "Chester the molester."

White House staffers still find bottles of booze hidden by Ulysses S. Grant.

Van Buren's first language was Dutch . . . his last language was whiskey hiccups.

Ironically, James Garfield LOVED Mondays.