Dwarf Goats Are All the Rage on the L.A. Party Scene

September 29, 2018
baby goats



L.A. woman Scout Raskin owns a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats named Spanky and Pippin. And she puts them to work, renting the pair out for $99 an hour to attend hot Hollywood parties, where they're often placed on the backs of party animals (the human kind) who are down on the ground on all fours.

As Reuters reports, "Before hitting the town, Raskin dresses the goats in purple, lace-cuffed velvet jackets and neckbands and wraps their horns in brightly colored tape, for decoration and safety." Raskin says the goats aren't bothered by loud music or crowds, adding, “Some people love Pippin because he’s really cute, but he’s the cute, dumb one. And then some people really like Spanky because he’s more chill and quiet and they feel like they can connect with him more.”

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