Ellen Pompeo Says They Are Planning How to End 'Grey's Anatomy'

May 2, 2018
Ellen Pompeo

USA Images


After announcing its return for a 15th season, could 'Grey's Anatomy' be nearing the end? Star, Ellen Pompeo, told Entertainment Tonight that they are "starting to think about how you would end a show this iconic."

The long-running show and its writer, Shonda Rhimes, are known for killing off important characters and causing shock amongst viewers. So would they kill-off Meredith Grey? According to Pompeo, "You only get killed off when your behavior is bad. If you're a nice actor, you die nice." Pompeo also says that she never worries because "there's no show without me, so I never worry how I'm going to survive this."

Despite talks of a finale, Pompeo doesn't seem to think fans should get too worried about the end just yet. She told Entertainment Tonight, "The show's a tremendous money maker, let's be honest. It makes a fortune for everybody and everyone wants to keep it going."