Hardee's Wants Tinder Users to Hookup With "Chris P." Chicken Tender

November 28, 2018
Chicken Tenders



Fast food meets online dating... 

If you've ever wanted to be taken out for a nice dinner date, then Hardee's wants you to meet Chris P. on Tinder.

That's the "super tender" avatar the fast-food chain has placed on the dating site in hopes of hooking the horny and the hungry.

Hardees graphic

Chris P. (get it?!) has a chicken tender where his head should be, and his interests include "NetChix and chill." (Get it again?!) Anyone who swipes right will receive a QR code for a buy one, get one free box of tenders. Of this cringeworthy marketing campaign, The Takeout's Kate Bernot writes, "This has inspired me to consider deleting my entire digital presence."

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