The Health Benefits of Sleeping With Your Fan On

August 21, 2018
sleeping in the front of a fan



Do you know someone that can't get a good night's rest, unless the fan is on at night?

Well when you look at the pro and cons...keeping the fan on might be a pretty cool choice. 

According to Bustle, here are the six benefits of sleeping with the fan on. 

1. It Obviously Keeps You Cool

During the hot summer months keeping a fan on while you sleep is a must! 

2. It Saves You Money

 If you can't afford an air conditioner, a fan is your best bet. Or, if you just want to save money and it isn't too hot where you live, a fan will get the job done.

3. It Creates White Noise

One sleep expert told Huffington Post, "I sleep with a bedside fan every night, no matter what the temperature. If the fan's not on, I will definitely have difficulty falling asleep. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that white noise can be soothing because it blocks out sudden variations in sound—like a barking dog, or a car alarm—that can lighten our sleep or wake us."

4. It Gets Rid Of Any Weird Lingering Smells

One of the great things about fans is that they really get the air moving, and that means that they help get rid of any weird lingering smells that might be in your bedroom. 

5. It Keeps The Room More Ventilated

One study done in 2008 even found that a fan can reduce the risk of SIDs by 70%. On top of that, all of that ventilation can help someone feel less claustrophobic.

6. It Might Help You Sleep Better

If you're too hot, you won't be able to get the right amount of sleep - experts find that a room should be between 60 and 67 degrees - and the same goes for if you keep waking up from noises or smells. So, at the end of the day, a fan can really help you if you struggle with restless sleep.

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