Here's What You Need to Know About Friday's Full Buck Moon

July 27, 2018
full moon



This Friday, July 27th, we urge you to look up at the night sky and check out the Full Buck Moon — that is, if you can even see it.

Although it’s always thrilling to see a full moon in the night sky, this year’s July Full Buck Moon is particularly exciting. While the moon is in its fullest phase on July 27th, it will enter into a total lunar eclipse — and not just any total lunar eclipse. This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Cherokee tribe called this moon “Ripe Corn Moon,” the Ponca tribe called it “Middle of Summer Moon,” and the Zuni tribe called it “Moon When Limbs of Trees Are Broken by Fruit.”

Unfortunately, those of us located in North America won’t be able to see the eclipse happen since it will be most visible in the eastern hemisphere. But even so, the Full Buck Moon (eclipsed or not) will be a beautiful sight to behold.

Even better? Next to the Full Buck Moon we’ll be able to see the red planet Mars brighter than at any other point during the year.

Click here to watch a live webcast and get more fun facts about he Full Buck Moon!