Hilarious Pic of JAY-Z Riding a Jet Ski With a Helmet Goes Viral

July 6, 2018
Jay Z

USA Images


JAY-Z has become the focus of a hilarious new meme after an old photo of him wearing a helmet while riding a jet ski resurfaced this week. In the photo, the 48-year-old rapper dons a life vest, a red helmet, sunglasses, and a very serious expression as he rides the supposedly fun water vehicle. Here are some of the best tweets about the now-viral image: 

  • I just wanna know who told JAY-Z he’s supposed to wear a helmet while riding a jet ski??? Like, LOL, you aren’t gonna crack your head on water if you fall off TF.
  • JAY-Z is the first person on a jet ski to look like they’re commuting to work.
  • Why does JAY-Z have on a helmet for a jet ski? OMG. Get that man to an assisted living home already.
  • If Angela Lansbury ever had to hop on a jet ski for a suspect chase in Murder, She Wrote, she'd look like JAY-Z.
  • JAY-Z on that jet ski is exactly how I wanna look if I was a billionaire. 
  • OK, so I think we have an idea what kind of lines might be in any upcoming diss tracks against JAY-Z. Has literally anyone ever worn a helmet on a jet ski, ever?