Honor Veterans, Raise Money for Warriors with CrossFit Workouts

November 11, 2018

CrossFit - the fitness methodology that started with training first responders and military, and is now practiced by millenial stud boys and grandmas alike - honors fallen warriors with workouts called "Hero WODs."  WOD is short for workout of the day.

Every Veteran's Day, CrossFit gyms all over the country will program Hero WODs to honor their military brothers and sisters.  And this year is no different.  In hundreds of gyms, they'll host The WOD for Warriors, which raises money for Team RWB, which uses physical fitness and team races to unite veterans with the comraderie and community they experienced when serving, 

This year's WOD for Warriors will be "Armistice:"

11 minute AMRAP:

11 Power Cleans (135/95 Rx)

11 Over the Bar Burpees

19 Deadlifts

18 Pull Ups

For the non-CrossFitters out there, an 11 minute AMRAP means that for 11 minutes, you do as many 'rounds' or 'reps' as possible.  One complete round includes 11 power cleans (an Olympic weighlifting movement that moves the weighted barbell from ground to chest), 11 burpees (also known as a squat thrust when the US Armed Forces used it in training for World War II), 19 deadlifts, and 18 pull ups.  The prescribed barbell weight is 135 pounds for men, and 95 pounds for women. 

For 11 minutes. 

Sounds easy?  Try it.