How Much Does It Cost To Cheat on Someone

March 7, 2019

In addition to potentially wrecking your life, having an affair can be expensive . . . nearly $450 a month, according to a recent study.

Someone surveyed 2,600 people who'd been married for at least five years, and zeroed in on the ones who admitted they'd had an affair before.

Here's a breakdown of all the costs that come with it . . .

Hotels, $123 a month . . . dinner and drinks, $162 . . . gifts, $54 . . . things like movie tickets, $69 . . . and other various costs, $36.

If you add that up, it's $444 a month.  And the study found that a typical fling outside your marriage lasts about six months.  So that means the average affair costs $2,664.

The study also found that if someone DOES cheat, they're most likely to start doing it about two years into their marriage.

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