How to See Who Unfriended You on Social Media

July 2, 2018
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Have you noticed your followers a little low lately? It could be that those so-called friends are really deleting you from their socials. 

While most people would rather not know who has unfollowed them on social media, there are some masochists out there who actually want to know the harsh truth.

According to, here is how you can keep track of unfollows and unfriendings. Some will even tell you in real-time.


Deleted is an app that saves a copy of your friends list the first time you log in. When you revisit the app, it compares your currently list to the one you first logged in with to show who has unfriended you.

The app also comes with a Chrome extension that notifies you in real-time when you’ve lost a friend. That way you’ll know which posts are bothering people.


True to its name, the Who Unfollowed Me app shows you the Twitter accounts that unfollowed you, new followers, and accounts that you follow and they follow you back. If you sign up for the premium service you get a list of your followers over time.


Unfollowgram works very similar to Who Unfollowed Me by keeping track of your follows, unfollows, and mutual follows from your initial sign up. That way you’ll know who didn’t like that photo of lunch you posted.


The aggressively-named Stalker app is similar to the aforementioned sites, but it will also let you know which blogs have gone inactive.


Unfortunately, there’s no app that will tell you who has unfollowed you on Snapchat.